Olive Branch

Home 1 - No Vacancy Available (Full - Private or Shared not available as of Aug 2019)

Home 3 - Coming Oct 2019 (new construction) FEMALE ONLY

Home 2 - THREE shared spot available - September 2019 !!!  

Private Room - Next available date:  TBD

Shared Room - Next available date:  September 2019


Higher End Crashpad --- Built to suit!  NEW CONSTRUCTION (2 yr old now)

Golf Course Community – great safe location

Near ‘tons’ of restaurants and new strip malls

15-20 minutes from Democrat Lot or training building


Built to Suit custom home ensuring quiet bedrooms

High-end comfortable pillow top beds and upscale furniture (BBQ included)

All utilities and highend appliances included

Includes Cable and Internet with Two UHD 4k TVs

DEDICATED BEDS (i.e. no hot swapping !!)


limited to 2 persons per room max!

Single rooms MAY be available – depends on time frame and mix of people

Once you try this place, you won’t want to leave

$315/month --- shared standard bedroom

$335/month --- shared Master Bedroom (massive bathroom with 2 walk-in closets)

($525/month --- single - if available)


NO PRO-RATING (i.e. use one day or 20 days for training --- same price)

Requires Direct Deposit monthly with 3 (three) month stay minimum

No Slobs – tight house rules enforced to ensure cleanliness & fantastic environment

Wide range of aircraft types add to diversify off schedule and informational resources


You pay a little more, but you get A LOT more!!  We’re creating a specific environment where you can ENJOY you’re reserve and training days while you stay at your crashpad   

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